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What do I need?

How do you plan to visit?

Check In: What Do I Need?

In order to visit The Landing Dispensary, you will need to have:

1. An active OMMCP patient or caregiver card (digital or physical) 

• If you need assistance with updating your account information or remaining days supply, click here.

2. The valid State I.D. you used when registering for the program
• Valid forms of ID include: unexpired Ohio driver’s license, unexpired Ohio identification card issued by the Ohio bureau of motor vehicles, Unexpired US passport or passport card.

Note: if the patient is a minor, their caregiver must also register in the Patient/Caregiver Registry & the registered Caregiver must also be present. 

On Your First Visit...

We will need you to fill out a brief “New Patient Intake Form”.

Once you have completed this at your first visit,  you will be added to our system and will not need to fill this form out again unless your information needs updated.

New Patient Intake Form


The New Patient Intake Form is required to be completed by the patient and/or caregiver on the first visit to The Landing Dispensary. We will use this information to create an account profile within our systems to better help and guide you through your medical cannabis journey.

*You will still need to bring valid forms of ID.*

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Registry Help
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New Patient Intake Form

Download. Print. Complete and Bring.

 Save time in line by downloading the New Patient Intake Form below, and bringing a completed version to the dispensary on your first visit!

We also have physical copies available at THE LANDING Dispensary when you visit.

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